Product / Service #1

MANET - Edge, Backhaul or

vRAN Fronthaul, both together XrossHaul

Product / Service #2

Computational Intelligence CI -

AI Artificial Intelligence, AML Applied Machine Learning, PA Predictive Analytics, VR Virtual Reality, AR Augmented reality, Machine Vision

Product / Service #3

Pure direct Consultancy via Number One Wireless Global Practice partner, using all the resources of +150 year old organization's consultancy arm, solving the most difficult project with partnership of hundreds of wireless consultants


We do not sell products and we do not develop our own IP

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We are not related to any one manufacturer but work closely to all major market leaders with long proven relationships.
We do not have any priorities outside of our services model. Our sole purpose is to provide the best business, technical, engineering services possible and to develop the highest quality products in collaboration with our partners and customers.

Next Steps...

In harmony with this services model, we have brought together industry experts, Get connected with World experts in Wireless